August 2016 – Leigh-on-Sea

21 August 2016

Wat Tyler Park

IMGP9780 IMGP9801 IMGP9814 IMGP9817 IMGP9822 IMGP9842

19 August 2016

Leigh on Sea



18 August 2016


Leigh on Sea

14 August 2016

Outside the house (Leigh-on-Sea/Hadleigh)


Belfairs Wood

IMGP9703IMGP9699 IMGP9694 IMGP9691

13 August 2016

In the garden (Leigh-on-Sea/Hadleigh)

IMGP9649 IMGP9633 IMGP9623 IMGP9612 IMGP9597 IMGP9593 IMGP9582 IMGP9576 IMGP9563


06 August 2016

In the garden

IMGP9241 IMGP9240

IMGP8848 IMGP8946

Near Hadleigh Castle

Small Heath butterfly (Coenonympha pamphilus)

IMGP9234 IMGP9232 IMGP9203 IMGP9191 IMGP9187 IMGP9173 IMGP9149 IMGP9141 IMGP9139 IMGP9132 IMGP9131 IMGP9128 IMGP9110 IMGP9107 IMGP9105 IMGP9099 IMGP9094 IMGP9088 IMGP9081 IMGP9067 IMGP9062 IMGP9054 IMGP9039 IMGP9036 IMGP9028 IMGP9020 IMGP9016 IMGP9011 IMGP8998 IMGP8984 IMGP8978 IMGP8956

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